Functional self-defense trainings. Systematical and clear teaching adapted for beginners and people with no previous martial arts experience. The aim of the course is to lay a good foundation for both: the technical and the psychological self-defense.


System SELF-DEFENSE 1: Training course for beginners

Autumn course: November - December 2020

SELF-DEFENSE 1:<br/> Autumn course 2020, Bratislava

Autumn course 2020, Bratislava

Course duration: 3rd November – 3rd December 2020

Morning trainings:
 – Tuesday: 07.00 – 08.30 AM
 – Thursday: 07.00 – 08.30 AM

Venue: Bratislava – center, Štetinova 1
Course content: Training: 10 lessons (1,5 hour per lesson)

Price: 75,00 €



  • This course will be guided in Slovak + English language
  • It is recommended to sign up in advance via the registration form below (reservation of a place in course due to limited capacity)
  • Reservation fee 10,00 € . Your first lesson is open. Feel free to test the system, learning process and a work of instructors
  • Payment: If you decide to attend the full course, the payment will be realized within 2 days after your first lesson


  • In order to participate in the training process it is obligatory to fill the form: „Declaration of own responsibility / Declaration of avoiding a misuse of the combat skills and know how “

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Selection of basic self-defense techniques from the system SELF-DEFENSE 1


- one hand grips
- two hand grips
- two-handed attacks and holds from the front (various variants of distances, body pose, differences in momentum „before hold“ – „in hold“ etc…)
- selected grips from the back


Course description:

Systematical and comprehensible teaching in System SELF-DEFENSE 1 is customised for beginners and people with no previous self-defense or martial arts experience. Teaching is logically divided into thematic units of practise which include selected simple and functional self-defense principles against most common threatening situations and types of attacks. The course consists of 15 –20 lessons of technical self-defense and includes an important workshop „Psychology in self-defense“.. The system of teaching thus includes both: the „technical self-defense“ and the very important part of „psychology“. Trainings are suitable for men and women.

Overall, this course provides a valuable basis and could be seen also as a very good threshold experience into further martial arts or self-defense training.

System SELF-DEFENSE 1:<br>Training course for beginners

Training course for beginners


  • Training of the key body movement principles in self-defense
  • Working with space, angles & orientation
  • Body postures in self-defense
  • Body anatomy in self-defense (basics)


  • Defense against grips and holdings from the „front side“
  • Defense against punches (direct & side)
  • Defense against grips from the „back side“
  • Defense against and chokes (elimination and liberation)
  • Use of the blocks and counter techniques in self-defense
  • Defense using pressing on selected sensitive and painful body parts
  • Use of the items of daily use in self-defense
  • Real self-defense and body constitution (of the self vs. attacker)
Psychology in self-defense:<br>Conflict prevention and resolution (workshop)

Psychology in self-defense:
Conflict prevention and resolution (workshop)

Essential Know – How:

  • Analysis of the problem situation
  • Subconscious mechanisms and mental adjustments
  • Stress reaction: Psychology and physiology
  • Stress management & self-regulation: how to regulate the stress reaction in tense situations: Theory + Practice
  • Connection: Body – Breath – Mind
  • Emotions: „A good servant, bad master“
  • Rational thinking vs. instinct and intuition

Conflict prevention & conflict resolution:

  • Tactical behaviour (behavioral principles) in problem situations: „Body language“, communication and negotiation
  • Strategies for conflict resolution & conflict de-escalation
  • Inevitable use of physical self-defense versus an effort of „non-conflictful solution of the problem situation“
  • Know-how application in the model situations

Where we train:

Bratislava - town centre. Stetinova 1

Training organizer reserves the right to exclude from training and workshops individuals in which they are seen and manifested:
signs of an abuse of the learned combat skills, signs of override behavior over the others, signs of aggressive behavior, signs of non-controlled anger, signs of abuse of the learned skills to the intentional harm to other trainees or to people out of the training and trainees who repeatedly don´t pay attention to instructions given by the coach and thus increasing a risk of injury to self or to others.

Self-defense and combat skills are taught within the frame of one´s own protection & prevention, the protection of others, correspondingly also within the scope of protection of the material goods and the property and most of all within the frame of humanism.

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