Instructor of self-defense and combat principles. Lecturer in the field of personal and situational safety, psychology of self-defense and behavioral strategies


Michal Hornacek

Profile / Resume:

Profile / Resume:

  • 25 years practice of martial arts, including 21 years of coaching groups and individuals on a professional level
  • Lecturer in the fields of „Psychology and behavior in self-defense“ and „Personal and situational safety“
  • Specialization in pre-conflict phase, tactical behavior and behavioral methods designed to deal with problem situations, violence and conflicts
  • Expertise, professionalism and human approach

Areas of focus:


  • Defense principles on short, medium and long combat distance
  • Defense principles against cold weapons: knife and stick
  • Complex teaching methodology: SELF-DEFENSE 1–5 (author´s system)
  • Combat methods: variability of strategies
  • Use of body anatomy and bio-mechanic in martial arts
  • Advanced principles of traditional martial arts

Practical knowledge and connections (the supporting areas for martial arts):

  • Complex: BODY ↔ BREATH ↔ PSYCHIC: practical usage for martial arts and self-defense
  • Know how in a work with contrasts (in movement & psychology)
  • Physiology and behavior: practical usage for martial arts and self-defense
  • Psycho-physiology and „body language“
  • Yoga and Yoga for martial arts
  • Qi Gong for health and martial arts
  • Health aspects of martial arts
  • External (technical / combat) aspects of martial arts ↔ Internal aspects of the traditional martial arts

Related educational background:

University studies in the focus of physiology and behavior:
(Comenius University, Bratislava, grad. 2009)

  • Advanced expertise in the functioning of the human body – physiology and anatomy
  • Advanced knowledge in the field of behavior

Research and practice in the field of „Attention regulation“:
(SAS, Lab. of Behavioral Neuroscience, 2009 –2012)

  • Scientific research and the practice in the area of „Attention regulation“ and „Behavioral sciences“
  • Advanced knowledge in the areas of: cognition, perception, attention control & self-regulatory methods

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