Self-defense training in Bratislava

The aim of our work is to increase the level of one´s own personal security and to share a know-how in the field of prevention, behavioral strategies and the inevitable self-defense. Teaching is a combination of the technical self-defense system and the complex of analytical, psychological and behavioral know-how which can be applied in conflict and violence situation solving process.


What is self-defense?

Technical self-defense and combat training

Technical self-defense and combat training

An instant body-mind reaction to the physical attack.
Body & mind means, that defense and counter-attack movements have to be deeply incorporated in your cognitive and executive brain functions and thus in your body movements and bio-mechanics.

To give an example, we can say it is similar when you ride a bicycle. Once you know it, you don´t think about it – you do it. But it is also similar when you play a football match: You do it, but while you play you analyse, think, create an instant strategy, decide and move.

Self-defense reaction happens in milliseconds, the whole encounter normally takes just a few second interval.

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Psychological defense and behavioral strategies

Psychological defense and behavioral strategies

A way of communication and strategic behavior in emerging conflict situation with a risk of physical attack.

From the point of importance, the communication and behavior makes more than 80 % determining factor which is responsible for direction of the next course of the events: What can be either further „escalation & graduation“ into the attack or „de-escalation & pacification“ of problem situation.

We can say that these situations are very similar to a
„chess encounter“, where the know-how of psychological principles and behavioral strategies can modulate the problem situation outcome in favor of defender strongly.

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Prodefense Academy

Prodefense Academy

Functional self-defense trainings for beginners and advanced practitioners. Educational workshops in the field of „Psychology of self-defense“

The aim of our lectures is to increase the level of the preventive security and the natural instinctive & conscious precaution, further to improve the ability of conflict de-escalation and pacification. Moreover, to gain insides into decision-making in situations of menace and real threat, and finally – if necessary and inevitable to rely on functional self-defense and combat techniques and principles.


Self-defense courses and training in Bratislava

SELF-DEFENCE 1:<br/>Spring course 2022, Bratislava

Spring course 2022, Bratislava

Systematic and comprehensible teaching is for beginners. The aim of the course is to lay the essential foundations of both: conscious and instinctive physical and psychological reactions to the most frequent types of attacks..

Duration: 22. February – 24. March 2022
Tuesday: 18.30 – 20.00
Thursday: 18.00 – 19.30
Bratislava – town center

SELF-DEFENCE 2:<br/>Regular advanced trainings, Bratislava

Regular advanced trainings, Bratislava

Trainings include more advanced and highly advanced skill practise of self-defense and combat principles, aiming to build an effective capacity of adequate self-defense and a „mind – body“ action towards threatening situations..

Regular training classes 2020
Tuesday: 18.00 – 19.30
Bratislava – town centre


Prodefense Academy

System of teaching:


Important know-how in the following areas:

  1. Personal safety & situational awareness
  2. Analysis: “Reading” the pre-conflict phase and the development of the problem situation
  3. Ongoing psychological and behavioral mechanisms during violence and conflict
  4. Stress reaction and its regulation
  5. Synthesis: Decisions in the situation of violence
  6. Tactical behavior and behavioral methods designed to deal with violent situations and conflicts

The aim of the training is to gain essential awareness of the problem situation and the many circumstances and factors that need to be taken into account in a very short instant. Having this knowledge increases the chances of making the right decisions and taking the right actions based on current circumstances in a particular problem situation.

SELF-DEFENSE 1 - basic course

„System SELF-DEFENSE 1“ is a training system of technical self-defense designed for public & novices. Methodology of teaching have been created for those who have no previous experience of self-defense or martial art training. Systematic, clear and comprehensible teaching is tailored just for beginners and teaches the quality basics of the effective self-defense against the most frequent types of threats and attacks (grips, holdings, strikes, attacks from behind..). The aim of the training is to teach the „body – mind complex“ the basic defensive principles, and thus increase the ability of an adequate defense response in situations of physical threat. This course gives you a quality basics and could be seen also as a very good threshold experience into further martial art or self-defense training.

SELF-DEFENSE 2 - advanced trainings

Trainings in SELF-DEFENSE 2 include more advanced and highly advanced skill practise of self-defense and combat principles, aiming to build an effective capacity of adequate self-defense and a „body – mind“ action towards threatening situations. Teaching takes place on the regular basis in Bratislava.
Trainings also include health exercises focusing on complex „Body – Breath – Psyche“ with a goal to improve an external body posture, breathing, internal poise and inner psyche. These trainings are open to the graduates of the basic course SELF-DEFENSE 1 and also for the trainees with previous martial arts experience.

Training preview, May 2016. Level: Slightly advanced trainee up to intermediate advanced trainee group. Training topic: 1) Combat developing methods – A teaching on martial principles for short and intermediate fight distance 2) The elbow lock system techniques

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