Functional self-defense trainings for advanced practitioners. Skills and education training in the field of self-defense, combat principles and preventive security. The aim is to build a suitable defense and psychological actions towards a threatening situation.


SELF-DEFENSE 2 - advanced trainings

Teaching takes the form of long term regular training practise where a period of 1 – 2 months is dedicated mainly to one specific topic (such a usage of the elbows in short distance combat, usage of locks and immobilisation techniques, short and medium combat distance practise, defense against a knife attack..). Teaching is thus arranged in thematic units. SELF-DEFENSE 2 is methodically divided into a technical practise and a combat methods practise. In addition, the training process includes also exercises focusing on complex Breath – Body – Psyche with a goal to improve physical health, inner pose and external body position. The aim is to interconnect all three aspects into one functional and conscious whole.

SELF-DEFENSE 2 trainings are open to the graduates of the course SELF-DEFENSE 1 and for the trainees with previous martial arts experience.


SELF-DEFENSE 2:<br/>Regular trainings, Bratislava

Regular trainings, Bratislava

Tuesday : 17:30 – 19:30

Tuesday: Bratislava – town centre, ŠD Svoradov, Svoradova 13

Monthly fee: 36,00 € (4 trainings a month)
Single training price: 11,00 €

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Training preview, May 2016. Level: Slightly advanced trainee up to intermediate advanced trainee group. Training topic: 1) Combat developing methods – A teaching on martial principles for short and intermediate fight distance 2) The elbow lock system techniques

Where we train:

Training venue: Bratislava – town centre, ŠD Svoradov, Svoradova 13

Training organizer reserves the right to exclude from trainings and workshops individuals in which they are seen and manifested:
signs of an abuse of the learned combat skills, signs of override behavior over the others, signs of aggressive behavior, signs of non-controlled anger, signs of abuse of the learned skills to the intentional harm to other trainees or to people out of the training and trainees who repeatedly don´t pay attention to instructions given by the coach and thus increasing a risk of injury to self or to others.

Self-defense and combat skills are taught within the frame of one´s own protection & prevention, the protection of others, correspondingly also within the scope of protection of the material goods and the property and most of all within the frame of humanism.

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